Support was removed in v0.0.3 because Gitlab does not provide callers with a user email, under any scope, to a caller unless that user has selected her email to be public. Pomerium support is blocked until this gitlab bug is fixed.

Log in to your Gitlab account and go to the APIs & services.

Navigate to User Settings then Applications using the left-hand menu.

On the Applications page, add a new application by setting the following parameters:

Field Description
Name The name of your web app
Redirect URI Redirect URL (e.g.
Scopes Must select read_user and openid

Create New Credentials

1.Click Save Application to proceed.

Your Client ID and Client Secret will be displayed:

Gitlab OAuth Client ID and Secret

Set Client ID and Client Secret in Pomerium's settings. Your environmental variables should look something like this.

# NOTE!!! Provider url is optional, but should be set if you are running an on-premise instance
# defaults to :, a local copy would look something like ``

When a user first uses Pomerium to login, they will be presented with an authorization screen similar to the following.

gitlab access authorization screen